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What do you know about GMOs?

Not only is October the month of the Unprocessed Food Challenge, it is also National Non-GMO month. I found this helpful little graphic that provides a basic understanding of what GMOs are. It was produced by Nature’s Path, a company known for spending a lot of money lobbying in favor of the California bill that … Continue reading

The remarkable effect of a DIY date night

Thanks to a delightful friend of mine (with a great blog of her own , or two), I have come to appreciate the value of not only acknowledging but taking pride in the rituals that my husband and I develop. Noting how they change, interchange, and what it can tell us about where we are … Continue reading

They call it a “challenge” for a reason

So I’m equally disappointed and pleased with myself this evening. Disappointed for being tempted to violate my Journey to 30 goals and the newly-assumed objective of eating less processed food this month. It’s day 3 of the October Unprocessed Challenge and the first work day of said challenge. Both the hubs and I had sub-optimal … Continue reading