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Sweet potatoes and doing things with the least amount of effort possible.

Don’t let the title of this post fool you, I have the ability and desire to work hard. Really. I just can’t get on board with working hard on everything. Some things HAVE to be easy, right? That said, I think that eating delicious, whole-food ingredient meals should not have to take a lot of … Continue reading

They call it a “challenge” for a reason

So I’m equally disappointed and pleased with myself this evening. Disappointed for being tempted to violate my Journey to 30 goals and the newly-assumed objective of eating less processed food this month. It’s day 3 of the October Unprocessed Challenge and the first work day of said challenge. Both the hubs and I had sub-optimal … Continue reading

Cool as a cucumber

It has been brutally hot across most of the country for the better part of two weeks and I have been interested in staying cool, drinking iced beverages and checking on the rapid growth of our tomato plants. Apropos of the weather and my appreciation of East European fare, a friend of mine posted a … Continue reading

More Kohlrabi than you can shake a stick at!

We are approaching the time of the summer when veggies are not only in abundance, they are great in size. Everyone knows what to do with a tomato or cucumber, but if you are among the more adventurous sort and want to expand your vege-toire, you may visit your local farmers’ market, belong to a … Continue reading

Summer holiday salad and a cocktail to boot

It’s a long holiday weekend. The weather is hot. Things are quiet around town. Who wants to cook? Not this chica. Actually, I kind of do want to cook almost all the time. I made some banana bread this morning before things got too hot. But now that we’ve done some swimming and pool-lounging, we … Continue reading

…and there goes the week…

It is cold here. It is Minnesota cold here. Sub-zero, tingly fingertips, frost on the windows, never-want-to-get-out-of-bed cold. What’s a gal to do at such times? Wear extra-thick tights and drink lots of warm beverages. Oh yes, and make some delicious comfort food. Unfortunately this past week was the first week of the semester and … Continue reading

Caprese Quinoa

Few aromas are more delicious than fresh basil.  I love it. Even better than the smell of basil on its own is how it smells when it is paired with some other delicious ingredients. The weather here continues to be absolutely miserable by my standards. Hopefully by the end of the weekend it will cool … Continue reading

Chickie Summer Salad

Today I got home after a very long weekend hesitant to get back to the reality of every day life and looked around my kitchen for something delish to make that would not take a lot of effort and as little heat as possible. Continue reading