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Down and out

My lack of blogging is directly proportional to my health over the past couple of weeks. The end of October knocked me out with a nasty cold that has turned into a sinus infection. Yikes! The good news, however, is that the weather is getting increasingly fall-like and that can only mean one thing: it’s … Continue reading

Vegan “cheese” and other sacrilege

I grew up in the heartland and married a native Wisconsinite. Thus, cheese is part of my cultural heritage. I have always had an odd relationship with cheese, though. As a child, I didn’t like it. I would only eat cheese that had been carefully disguised by or integrated with other ingredients. As an adult, … Continue reading

My latest love…

It should come as no surprise that one of my favorite publications for the kitchen and domestic life is “Vegetarian Times.” Every time a new issue comes out my shopping list is populated with ingredients from the latest recipes and I make many of them (several times!).  This month is an especially good rendition of … Continue reading

Caprese Quinoa

Few aromas are more delicious than fresh basil.  I love it. Even better than the smell of basil on its own is how it smells when it is paired with some other delicious ingredients. The weather here continues to be absolutely miserable by my standards. Hopefully by the end of the weekend it will cool … Continue reading

Sweet n’ Sour Grilled Salad

You heard me. You’re probably thinking, “A salad that’s grilled… what the wha?!?!” and that’s a reasonable response. But this is a quick, easy recipe for a delicious summer salad that combines the art of grilling, tropical fruit and a bed of crunchy greens. I know a number of people who are not into warm or … Continue reading

Chickie Summer Salad

Today I got home after a very long weekend hesitant to get back to the reality of every day life and looked around my kitchen for something delish to make that would not take a lot of effort and as little heat as possible. Continue reading

The virtue of using what’s on hand…

Sometimes I look into the fridge thinking about what to prepare for dinner and nothing jumps out at me. I open drawers, sift through cupboards, but I completely lack inspiration for making anything that I want to make much less eat. Usually this comes at a time when I do not have enough of a … Continue reading