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Breakfast cobbler

I love breakfast. I love dessert. This recipe is a glorious union of both worlds. you know the difference between weekday and weekend breakfast? Weekend breakfast usually reigns supreme. On occasion I like to look out for opportunities to have a weekend breakfast in the middle of a hectic work week. Few things are better … Continue reading

Working from home and its discontents

I like to work from home on occasion because I feel more productive. I can’t help it. I’m in the sort of position where I work with a lot of student issues, administrative issues and have a hand in a number of matters. In other words, I work an inch deep and a mile wide … Continue reading

The non-dairy milk debacle

There is many a dairy milk substitute out there. Soy, goat, oat, hazelnut (yes, hazelnut), coconut and rice, to name a few. But which is best? Each as their own respective benefits, but my preference is, above all others, almond milk. Raw almonds are highly nutritious–they are very low in fat, have low glycemic sugars, … Continue reading

Snow Day Breakfast

Last night, with reports of the impending snowpocalypse, I was hoping that the university might close and that I would get a grownup snow day! I waiting and hoped–thinking that even if I didn’t get a snow day, I would at least want to be prepared for a warm  and delicious breakfast in advance of … Continue reading

Can you tell me how to get, how to get some sesame treats?

I have a love obsession with a new coffee shop in my neighborhood. Not only do they have delicious treats, the proceeds support a good cause and they have an eco-friendly mission. An eco-friendly mission and a sesame-banana muffin to die for. The first time I tried the nutty little treat I was so impressed. … Continue reading