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Sweet potatoes and doing things with the least amount of effort possible.

Don’t let the title of this post fool you, I have the ability and desire to work hard. Really. I just can’t get on board with working hard on everything. Some things HAVE to be easy, right? That said, I think that eating delicious, whole-food ingredient meals should not have to take a lot of … Continue reading

Acclimating to the chill: Double Chocolate Spiced Cocoa Cookies

The weather has been chilly out here on the prairie and I have been suffering from the usual sniffles and ills of the season. In this case, “ills” include some reporting deadlines at work. All of this is a recipe for some comfort food. Hubs and I went out with some friends last night and … Continue reading

Extra Cozy Comfort Food

This has been a ridiculous month for me. A death in the family, work travel and a lot of deadlines have led to a stressful few weeks for me. Discomforting times call for easy, simple food. I have been relying a lot on my slow-cooker lately, but this weekend I needed a little treat. I … Continue reading

Breakfast cobbler

I love breakfast. I love dessert. This recipe is a glorious union of both worlds. you know the difference between weekday and weekend breakfast? Weekend breakfast usually reigns supreme. On occasion I like to look out for opportunities to have a weekend breakfast in the middle of a hectic work week. Few things are better … Continue reading

French toast cupcakes

Everyone loves a good cupcake. I like having a treat in the house and look forward to making something sweet for dessert during the week. This can often be the biggest obstacle between me and healthy eating because my sweet tooth is a little out of hand. So, I try to make the lowest-fat, nutrient-dense … Continue reading

Eat to run or run to eat?

As of January 14 I have 17.1 miles logged for my 2012 running goal. Only 482.9 left to go! For perspective, that’s about 1.38 miles per day for the rest of the year. Not too shabby! I know that I am going to have gaps of time when work gets out of hand or I … Continue reading

Down and out

My lack of blogging is directly proportional to my health over the past couple of weeks. The end of October knocked me out with a nasty cold that has turned into a sinus infection. Yikes! The good news, however, is that the weather is getting increasingly fall-like and that can only mean one thing: it’s … Continue reading

Working from home and its discontents

I like to work from home on occasion because I feel more productive. I can’t help it. I’m in the sort of position where I work with a lot of student issues, administrative issues and have a hand in a number of matters. In other words, I work an inch deep and a mile wide … Continue reading


My love of pie is no secret. As of late, my husband and I have been seeking out fun and interesting pie flavors. Fall is pie season, after all, so it stands to reason that we would be making lots of crusted delights. Today we are going to brunch at the home of some friends … Continue reading

They call it a “challenge” for a reason

So I’m equally disappointed and pleased with myself this evening. Disappointed for being tempted to violate my Journey to 30 goals and the newly-assumed objective of eating less processed food this month. It’s day 3 of the October Unprocessed Challenge and the first work day of said challenge. Both the hubs and I had sub-optimal … Continue reading