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Stars, Stripes, and a Reprisal

Ahem… (**tap tap**) is this thing on? I’m baaa-aack! Recently, I was inspired to start writing again so I’m going to give this another go. I have a few ideas in store so look out, internet! Things are about to start happening in Lishy’s Kitchen again. What better way to kick off a return to … Continue reading

Failure is not an option.

I was reading a story recently on one of my favorite sites that was a critique of feminine standards of beauty¬† and how the expectation that we “have it all” or “do it all” are essentially setting us up to fail. Upon consideration of this, I had some thoughts about my own journey and my … Continue reading

Eat to run or run to eat?

As of January 14 I have 17.1 miles logged for my 2012 running goal. Only 482.9 left to go! For perspective, that’s about 1.38 miles per day for the rest of the year. Not too shabby! I know that I am going to have gaps of time when work gets out of hand or I … Continue reading

New year, big plans

This is my year. 2012 may spell gloom and doom for some but for me things are going to happen. I have set some goals and I will see them through. Goal #1: Get regular with the blogging. SERIOUSLY. I feel like every other post is me apologizing (to myself? The internet? One of my … Continue reading

What do you know about GMOs?

Not only is October the month of the Unprocessed Food Challenge, it is also National Non-GMO month. I found this helpful little graphic that provides a basic understanding of what GMOs are. It was produced by Nature’s Path, a company known for spending a lot of money lobbying in favor of the California bill that … Continue reading

The remarkable effect of a DIY date night

Thanks to a delightful friend of mine (with a great blog of her own , or two), I have come to appreciate the value of not only acknowledging but taking pride in the rituals that my husband and I develop. Noting how they change, interchange, and what it can tell us about where we are … Continue reading

Promises, Promises

I feel like I’m always saying I’ll keep up with regular blogging about the goings on in Lishy’s Kitchen and I’m good about it for a few months (weeks?) and then life gets the better of me, somehow and I stop. At the suggestion of my good friend, Michele from the Sweet Escape Bakery blog, … Continue reading

Well, this is embarrassing.

So I have been on hiatus in the past, but this most recent one has been pretty monumental.   I chalk it up to major life changes, and lots of ’em, in a short period of time. Also, there are lots of other exciting things happening in my world professionally and otherwise.   First off, … Continue reading

An Homage to the Greatest Dog Ever

If anyone loves their dog–I mean truly loves their dog–they probably think it’s the greatest dog in the world. I have definitely felt that way about Lulu. She came into my life at a time when I needed her most. Scruffy, feisty, Lulu is a fighter. I adopted her from a yorkie rescue in February … Continue reading

Crazy times

Teaching is difficult. Truly difficult. I have no formal training as an educator but this past summer I started a job where I am teaching one university-level course each semester. I love the subject-matter, I have had great interactions with my students and have learned a lot but it is probably the most difficult part … Continue reading