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What do you know about GMOs?

Not only is October the month of the Unprocessed Food Challenge, it is also National Non-GMO month. I found this helpful little graphic that provides a basic understanding of what GMOs are. It was produced by Nature’s Path, a company known for spending a lot of money lobbying in favor of the California bill that … Continue reading

Food Preservation

It is a gorgeous time of year for produce. Markets and stores are starting to (or at least should be starting to) overflow with fresh, local goods. Cam and I not only have a double share in a local CSA, we also shop our local farmers market and food co-op, which is where we scored … Continue reading

More Kohlrabi than you can shake a stick at!

We are approaching the time of the summer when veggies are not only in abundance, they are great in size. Everyone knows what to do with a tomato or cucumber, but if you are among the more adventurous sort and want to expand your vege-toire, you may visit your local farmers’ market, belong to a … Continue reading

Summer holiday salad and a cocktail to boot

It’s a long holiday weekend. The weather is hot. Things are quiet around town. Who wants to cook? Not this chica. Actually, I kind of do want to cook almost all the time. I made some banana bread this morning before things got too hot. But now that we’ve done some swimming and pool-lounging, we … Continue reading

What’s in a CSA? Just FAQs, ma’am.

This is the first post in what will be a regular feature in Lishy’s Kitchen on adventures in CSA cooking. This first post explains what a CSA is, how they function and what they’re all about. For the longest time I had no idea what a CSA was…I am not sure what it sounded like … Continue reading

Forget eating well on a budget! How do I eat well on a tight schedule?

My previous post was a bit grim. The good news is that the situation with my beloved Lulu has stabilized and we are in ¬†somewhat welcome holding pattern. It’s a wait-and-see time which I prefer to a make-a-tough-decision time. She’s comfortable now and her personality is starting to flicker through her sickness. Cam and I … Continue reading

Stock advice

Again I sit early on a Saturday morning, muffins in the oven, coffee in hand, Cam still in bed, dogs sleeping in the living room…. I have a few moments to write and plan out my weekend. Ah….I wait all week for fleeting moments like this. I also love Friday nights. They are like a … Continue reading

Pickled Grapes… say WHAT?!

In keeping with my food obsession and ongoing pursuit of domestic bliss, I squeal like a little girl whenever Cam and I are in the car and The Splendid Table comes on NPR. I mean, who wouldn’t love this show? Anyone who hates food and NPR, I suppose. But seriously, what’s not to love? The … Continue reading

My latest love…

It should come as no surprise that one of my favorite publications for the kitchen and domestic life is “Vegetarian Times.” Every time a new issue comes out my shopping list is populated with ingredients from the latest recipes and I make many of them (several times!).¬† This month is an especially good rendition of … Continue reading


Hello again, dear readers! I have had a very busy past week! There has been much ado over a big proposal I am writing for work, a number of meetings, and I took a little road trip with fiance and friend to Washington DC to see the cherry blossoms in their fully bloomin’ state on … Continue reading