Who’s in the kitchen?

Among my many pass-times and interests are knitting, reading, analog photography, writing and (most of all!) cooking. I grew up in a family of food-lovers and great cooks. Although I am originally from the Midwest, I have lived in a few countries and traveled to several more. Inspired by my East European heritage and travels to the region, a lot of my meals are hearty and best when shared.

A lover of animals and nature, I am a fairly strict vegetarian and try to consume local products and farmer’s market produce whenever possible. In 2010 I developed an interest in running and have since completed three half-marathons and dozens of smaller races. Recently, I have started biking about town on a regular basis as well. This desire for overall health improvement and love for experimenting with food and cooking for myself and others has been the inspiration for this blog. I think that there are many people out there who are an awful lot like me: those who love to be active, feel good and eat delicious, socially responsible food. After all, personal and environmental health start in the kitchen.

Thanks for stopping by! I am happy to answer questions, respond to comments and post on suggested topics.


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