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My weekend, in photos

Weekends are generally pretty excellent, but weekends during the summer… well, that is a particular sort of delight. When we are not visiting or traveling anywhere, my husband and I have a series of rituals that often hinge on spending time together. Here is a little chronicle of this past weekend:


We typically get up very early in order to get to the farmer’s market by the time it opens at 7 am on Saturday!  IMG_4785

This year we have been biking whenever possible–it’s a great little workout at 4-5 mile each way.



This year my bike is getting the royal treatment! Tricked out with CRAZY baskets to hold all my stuff, friends!



Also, this is the greatest time of year for the market here. Everything is in such a great abundance!



After the market and the co-op, we head to a local diner or coffee shop for breakfast. IMG_4790

I did not feel like eating breakfast food for breakfast this week and oped instead for a veggie sandwich with black bean hummus. I mean, it’s summer and I’m a grownup. Why not?


Once we bike home, I start prepping meals for the week and take on some projects of various sorts. This week I did some major pickling. More on that later…


Cam will visit his second love, our gardens, and do some work out there.


On Sunday mornings, we take it easy and have a special breakfast together…


IMG_4807But this week we took it outside!


The weather was gorgeous and we both got the re-charge we needed.


Now we’re ready for the week!


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