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My weekend, in photos

Weekends are generally pretty excellent, but weekends during the summer… well, that is a particular sort of delight. When we are not visiting or traveling anywhere, my husband and I have a series of rituals that often hinge on spending time together. Here is a little chronicle of this past weekend: We typically get up … Continue reading

Sweet potatoes and doing things with the least amount of effort possible.

Don’t let the title of this post fool you, I have the ability and desire to work hard. Really. I just can’t get on board with working hard on everything. Some things HAVE to be easy, right? That said, I think that eating delicious, whole-food ingredient meals should not have to take a lot of … Continue reading

Stars, Stripes, and a Reprisal

Ahem… (**tap tap**) is this thing on? I’m baaa-aack! Recently, I was inspired to start writing again so I’m going to give this another go. I have a few ideas in store so look out, internet! Things are about to start happening in Lishy’s Kitchen again. What better way to kick off a return to … Continue reading