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New year, big plans

This is my year.

2012 may spell gloom and doom for some but for me things are going to happen. I have set some goals and I will see them through.

Goal #1: Get regular with the blogging. SERIOUSLY. I feel like every other post is me apologizing (to myself? The internet? One of my three readers? p.s. hi mom!) for not blogging on the reg. Well, that’s done. No more apologies, lots more posting.

Goal #2: Run 500 miles this year. Furreal. I am doing it. That’s ten miles a week with two weeks off. Totally do-able.To sweeten the deal, my husband Cam and I are doing it together. Except he’s running 800 miles this year (what? yes.). We are doing it together. It’s a project we can connect over, hold each other accountable to and a goal we can work towards together. It’s a lot more fun than, say paying something off or grouting something together. If you want to track our progress, follow us on twitter (@alkirchoff and @natureboy153) and our hashtags (#AliCam and #1300in2012). We will also be running at least one half marathon together, so watch out! We may be coming to a race near you!

Goal #3: This one I’m keeping a little closer to my chest before a big reveal. In short, it is this: I own my version of the “perfect dress” and in August I will be 30. I want to wear that dress for my 30th birthday and it’s about 3 sizes too small for me now. That’s all for now on that goal but stay tuned for a photo!

In addition to the usual recipes and other nonsense found in Lishy’s kitchen, there will be postings about my goals for 2012. Get ready!


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