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Food Preservation

It is a gorgeous time of year for produce. Markets and stores are starting to (or at least should be starting to) overflow with fresh, local goods. Cam and I not only have a double share in a local CSA, we also shop our local farmers market and food co-op, which is where we scored … Continue reading

Cool as a cucumber

It has been brutally hot across most of the country for the better part of two weeks and I have been interested in staying cool, drinking iced beverages and checking on the rapid growth of our tomato plants. Apropos of the weather and my appreciation of East European fare, a friend of mine posted a … Continue reading

My first foray into fermentation a.k.a. “The Great Cabbage Caper”

A few months after I started living in a small Russian city as an impressionable university student on study abroad, it was getting late in the year and the crunchy cucumbers and luscious tomatoes of late summer had disappeared. All that seemed to be left for the eating were mushrooms, apples and potatoes. I was … Continue reading

You need to make these cookies.

These cookies are insane…ly good. I was getting caught up on one of my favorite vegan blogs written by an adorable young gal called Celery in the City and I came across her recipe for a cookie-fied version of chocolate-covered peanut butter-filled pretzels. These being a guilty pleasure snack of mine anyway, I was taken … Continue reading

More Kohlrabi than you can shake a stick at!

We are approaching the time of the summer when veggies are not only in abundance, they are great in size. Everyone knows what to do with a tomato or cucumber, but if you are among the more adventurous sort and want to expand your vege-toire, you may visit your local farmers’ market, belong to a … Continue reading

Not yer average chocolate cake…

I was going to post another delicious use for kohlrabi but it seems that will have to wait for another day. I posted a picture of the latest little concoction I’ve been developing on Facebook and it got one heck of a response so I’m going to post it here so everyone can try it … Continue reading

Vegan “cheese” and other sacrilege

I grew up in the heartland and married a native Wisconsinite. Thus, cheese is part of my cultural heritage. I have always had an odd relationship with cheese, though. As a child, I didn’t like it. I would only eat cheese that had been carefully disguised by or integrated with other ingredients. As an adult, … Continue reading

Summer holiday salad and a cocktail to boot

It’s a long holiday weekend. The weather is hot. Things are quiet around town. Who wants to cook? Not this chica. Actually, I kind of do want to cook almost all the time. I made some banana bread this morning before things got too hot. But now that we’ve done some swimming and pool-lounging, we … Continue reading