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Well, this is embarrassing.

So I have been on hiatus in the past, but this most recent one has been pretty monumental.


I chalk it up to major life changes, and lots of ’em, in a short period of time. Also, there are lots of other exciting things happening in my world professionally and otherwise.


First off, I got married. That’s right, I’m now a missus…except I’m not. I’m a Ms…er…Mizzzz.

The always happy couple

The wedding was wonderful. Everything we’d hoped it would be. The main objective was that we would be surrounded by everyone we love and that it would be a day filled with joy. It was.

The food was great, too!  Not that I ate very much of it with all of the meeting, greeting and everything else. Cam and I planned a wedding meal based on our affinity for tapas and tasting plate meals. We had a lovely spread that included a spinach-asparagus-strawberry salad, pierogi in non-traditional flavors (sweet potato, arugula and goat cheese, and wild mushroom), Artichoke-boursin beignets, roasted-stuffed jalepenos and more.

The crown jewel of the wedding fare? A mac & cheese bar. Given that it was a Wisconsin wedding, we had to have something that paid homage to the great dairy state. So we had a station with mac and cheese and a variety of toppings that one could choose and have a chef mix to their satisfaction. As you might imagine, everyone loved it.

I am not certain that I could choose just one moment of the day that I liked best. I loved looking out at the crowd at the ceremony and reception with everyone enjoying themselves, seeing friends and family coming together from far away–not just happy to celebrate our day, but truly enjoying their time spent together. As I mentioned earlier in the post, so much joy and love. It was fantastic.

Secondly, we endured the loss of our beloved Lulu. Her time ran out a couple of weeks after our wedding. It was tragic and painful, but we are moving on and remembering all of the very best things she brought into our lives. She is missed by me every day, but I know she is no longer in pain and is chasing squeaky tennis balls somewhere else in the universe, no doubt.

Third, there is just a lot going on! I had a busy semester at work and that has turned to a busy summer. While prepping for the wedding and experiencing the aftermath, there was too much happening to even think about blogging. I hope to rectify that during the summer. I should add that I am now a regular contributor to another blog  that has very little (if anything) to do with my passions in the kitchen but instead allows me to explore other interests as well. Pay a visit sometime should you be so inclined.

As for Lishy’s Kitchen, we’re firing the stove up again and have lots of treats in store. A new feature in the Kitchen will be a journey through our 2011 CSA cycle. We have already started getting an abundance of greens and other goodies. The main critique of a CSA is that one is at the mercy of whatever is included in their share–it can be odd amounts of items (e.g. a great abundance or very little of something), or produce items they are not used to preparing and consuming. Over the next few months, I will be sharing the CSA journey with you along with some recipes that will hopefully help inspire creativity and appreciation for whatever is in season.

I look forward to sharing with the blogosphere again. As always, send a request   if you have a question or would like a particular type of recipe or one using a specific ingredient.

More to come very soon…


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