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It’s CSA day!

I cannot help but look forward to Wednesdays now that we are in full seasonal swing with our CSA. As I mentioned in my first CSA-themed post, shares are kind of fun because it’s a surprise to find out what you might get from week to week. Last week we received a big bunch of … Continue reading

What’s in a CSA? Just FAQs, ma’am.

This is the first post in what will be a regular feature in Lishy’s Kitchen on adventures in CSA cooking. This first post explains what a CSA is, how they function and what they’re all about. For the longest time I had no idea what a CSA was…I am not sure what it sounded like … Continue reading

The non-dairy milk debacle

There is many a dairy milk substitute out there. Soy, goat, oat, hazelnut (yes, hazelnut), coconut and rice, to name a few. But which is best? Each as their own respective benefits, but my preference is, above all others, almond milk. Raw almonds are highly nutritious–they are very low in fat, have low glycemic sugars, … Continue reading

Well, this is embarrassing.

So I have been on hiatus in the past, but this most recent one has been pretty monumental.   I chalk it up to major life changes, and lots of ’em, in a short period of time. Also, there are lots of other exciting things happening in my world professionally and otherwise.   First off, … Continue reading