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…and we’re back!

After a week of pudding, sorbet and applesauce I think my post-surgery pain and lethargy has jumped the shark. I am getting back to normal. I’ve been sitting between 85%-90% for the past couple of days and I should be fully healed within the week. Relatively speaking, it was an uncomfortable experience, but I’m glad … Continue reading

Under the knife

Alright folks, I’m signing off for a little bit. As of this afternoon I’ll be out of commission for awhile. I am having my tonsils out–which is kind of a big deal once one reaches adulthood. So Lishy’s Kitchen is closed for business for a few days but I’ll be back with some great recipes … Continue reading

Forget eating well on a budget! How do I eat well on a tight schedule?

My previous post was a bit grim. The good news is that the situation with my beloved Lulu has stabilized and we are in ¬†somewhat welcome holding pattern. It’s a wait-and-see time which I prefer to a make-a-tough-decision time. She’s comfortable now and her personality is starting to flicker through her sickness. Cam and I … Continue reading

An Homage to the Greatest Dog Ever

If anyone loves their dog–I mean truly loves their dog–they probably think it’s the greatest dog in the world. I have definitely felt that way about Lulu. She came into my life at a time when I needed her most. Scruffy, feisty, Lulu is a fighter. I adopted her from a yorkie rescue in February … Continue reading

Snow Day Breakfast

Last night, with reports of the impending snowpocalypse, I was hoping that the university might close and that I would get a grownup snow day! I waiting and hoped–thinking that even if I didn’t get a snow day, I would at least want to be prepared for a warm¬† and delicious breakfast in advance of … Continue reading