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Lishy’s January Lifestyle

Hello, friends.

After a raucous holiday season, things have once again quieted here on the prairie. We are back to quiet evenings, snowfalls and planning for spring.

What have I been up to? Spending time in the kitchen, as you might expect…

Stirin' and Fryin'

I have also been knitting like it’s the second coming. But knitting odd and interesting things–such as a set of felted bowls for a birthday gift, and a great deal of coffee cup cozies. Seriously. In defense of my making anything with the word “cozy” in the name, they are quick, easy and beautiful little gifts for people in the winter. I mean, what else can a person do but drink warm beverages in the winter time? These help further comfort that process.

Exhibit A:

Nobody ever complained about having something warm and comfy cradling their hot beverage...

Not only that, I am already regretting (kind of) the pledge that I made to knit a gift for everyone on my list for Christmas 2011.  Cam and I always give a homemade gift as part of our gift-giving tradition at the holidays. Last year we gave out apple butter and jams, this past year it was lemon-hazelnut cookies (below),  candy barks of different varieties and Peppermint Schnapps (no, really. It was a huge hit!).

These are not a joke.

Yet another reason why I wish it were Christmas all year and I had the metabolism of a yippy dog...

But somehow it seemed like a good idea to start making gifts for everyone out of my sticks and yarn in 2011. In the absence of another large goal for the year, I am pursuing that–to knit something for everyone on my list. I hope to make it. But it’s going to be KNITDOWN 2011! all up in here. So far I have one holiday gift completed. There are some who are getting knitted birthday gifts, so they may not get a knitted holiday gift at the end of the year, but I will try.  For those of you who are not obsessed with Ravelry, I will be posting my progress here with the occasional photos.

Another goal for 2011 is to do a better job of regular blog updates. What does this mean? Well, the number of posts with associated recipes will be fewer relative to the overall number of posts.  However, I will be linking more to my favorite recipes, discussing the variations that I take and talking more about my journey towards overall health, improved fitness and towards the aisle this spring.

So that’s all for now. More stitches, nibbles and quips coming your way soon!


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