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Crazy times

Teaching is difficult. Truly difficult. I have no formal training as an educator but this past summer I started a job where I am teaching one university-level course each semester. I love the subject-matter, I have had great interactions with my students and have learned a lot but it is probably the most difficult part … Continue reading

First beneficiary of homemade stock!

Cannellini beans! …with some fennel fronds and a clove-studded onion! It smells great!

Stock advice

Again I sit early on a Saturday morning, muffins in the oven, coffee in hand, Cam still in bed, dogs sleeping in the living room…. I have a few moments to write and plan out my weekend. Ah….I wait all week for fleeting moments like this. I also love Friday nights. They are like a … Continue reading

…and there goes the week…

It is cold here. It is Minnesota cold here. Sub-zero, tingly fingertips, frost on the windows, never-want-to-get-out-of-bed cold. What’s a gal to do at such times? Wear extra-thick tights and drink lots of warm beverages. Oh yes, and make some delicious comfort food. Unfortunately this past week was the first week of the semester and … Continue reading

Busy weekend!

There has been a lot going on both in and outside of Lishy’s kitchen. We had a great weekend out here on the prairie! I managed a couple of good workouts at the gym, Cam and I tackled a few big organizational tasks we had around the house, worked on some wedding plans and even … Continue reading

Bowled over!

It’s a Saturday morning and I was wide awake at 5:30. What’s a gal to do? Drink coffee? check. Throw in a load of laundry? done. Make grocery list for the day’s shopping trip? solved. Catch up on some email? started. So now I find myself listening to the hum of the washer and dryer¬† … Continue reading

Winter Blues?

I love winter. Really, I do. I love warm beverages, oven-baked meals, snow, wearing mittens, everything. This evening I was trying to clean up my home office and I came across some photos that I took during our trek from NYC to the Midwest this summer. Suddenly, it made me long for July. Hot weather, … Continue reading

Pickled Grapes… say WHAT?!

In keeping with my food obsession and ongoing pursuit of domestic bliss, I squeal like a little girl whenever Cam and I are in the car and The Splendid Table comes on NPR. I mean, who wouldn’t love this show? Anyone who hates food and NPR, I suppose. But seriously, what’s not to love? The … Continue reading

My latest love…

It should come as no surprise that one of my favorite publications for the kitchen and domestic life is “Vegetarian Times.” Every time a new issue comes out my shopping list is populated with ingredients from the latest recipes and I make many of them (several times!).¬† This month is an especially good rendition of … Continue reading

Lishy’s January Lifestyle

Hello, friends. After a raucous holiday season, things have once again quieted here on the prairie. We are back to quiet evenings, snowfalls and planning for spring. What have I been up to? Spending time in the kitchen, as you might expect… I have also been knitting like it’s the second coming. But knitting odd … Continue reading