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Milk and toast and honey…

I’m not exactly having a Chelsea Morning, but this is such a happy Sunday morning song with some rich imagery. I love Joni Mitchell. Sunday mornings are the best time to be lazy. It’s a time for reflection, worship of a god–be it in the traditional sense or in the form of coffee, a laptop … Continue reading

The Perfect Oatmeal Cookie

If you ask anyone what their favorite cookie might be, the most popular response is undoubtedly the noble chocolate chip. Rare is the time when one might suggest that their favorite is a plain oatmeal cookie. I must admit that while I am a big chocolate chip cookie fan, my favorite has always been a … Continue reading

Yeah, it’s been awhile…

>tink tink<   Hello blogosphere. Nice to see you again.   It’s been far too long since our last discussion. I say this with the scent of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger wafting through my home. My life has been everything but calm in the past few months. I am in a new place, new job, … Continue reading