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It’s not the destination, but the journey…

I am a young woman like many others–I am planning a wedding with the love of my life, trying to build my dream career all while looking and feeling fabulous doing it. Unfortunately, this “looking and feeling fabulous” bit is only successful some of the time.

Ever since childhood I have been on the heavy side. Not really obese, but never really as healthy as I could have been. As an adult, I have had an awkward relationship with food that I am only starting to realize and try to change. Earlier this year, it occurred to me that I needed to start getting a little more honest about what I want, what I can improve and who I am.

This is a blog chronicling that journey.

I love food. I’ll admit it. I have never understood people who eat only to survive and do not enjoy the experience the act of eating at least every now and again. Food can be an expression of love, an outlet for stress, a means of celebration, or a form of abuse. It is an all-purpose entity that is artistic, functional, frivolous and necessary. Preparing food is a creative process for me that relieves stress, makes me happy and is a way for me to care for those around me. I should add that the kitchen is probably my favorite room in the home.

So here I am, on my own path to wellness, sharing my kitchen with yours. Here you will find stories of my own experiences dealing with health and fitness, and dreaming up innovative, delicious and easy vegetarian cuisine that us workin’ folks can all make time for.

Welcome to Lishy’s Kitchen, home of the practical vegetarian.


About lishyskitchen

A regular gal attempting to balance career, life and love while on the path to wellness...


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