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The virtue of using what’s on hand…

Sometimes I look into the fridge thinking about what to prepare for dinner and nothing jumps out at me. I open drawers, sift through cupboards, but I completely lack inspiration for making anything that I want to make much less eat. Usually this comes at a time when I do not have enough of a … Continue reading

Easiest Ever Vegan Chocolate Cake

A simple chocolate cake to make from scratch and two accompanying frosting recipes. Continue reading

Ditching Dairy

Ideas for being dairy-free and a great vegan breakfast sandwich recipe. Continue reading

Cooking families = Healthy Kids

I love Anderson Cooper. Let’s be serious, when it comes to silver foxes, he’s the leader of the pack. LOVE. HIM. Today he posted a story on his blog ¬†and twitter feed about the link between healthy children and families who cook. This is what I’m talking about, people. While the story is about children … Continue reading

A muffin for all seasons

Pumpkin baked with chocolate in muffin form… what could be better? Continue reading

It’s not the destination, but the journey…

Welcome to Lishy’s Kitchen, home of the practical vegetarian. Continue reading